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Rescue Rope Brand: Cousin made in France

Prusik cords are ideal for anchor systems, as a back up on rapples, a safety tether on fixed lines. In rescue operations they serve as tandem prusik belays, load release devices, as ratchets in pulley systems and anchor systems.

Rescue Rope Brand: PMI made in USA

Torsionally Balanced, continuous filament nylon. High abrasion resistance makes this the toughest rope for any professional MBS:42 kN(9442lbf) Material Nylon Sheath / Nylon Core, NFPA Certified, Third party certified by ULCE and CI 1801. Features: MBS: 42 kN(9442 lbf) Material: Nylon Sheath / Nylon Core. NFPA Certified, Third party certified by UL CE and CI 1801.